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How to Give & Get a Freebie on Goody

Learn how to get a freebie on Goody.

· Goody Howtos

Goody is a great app to give a freebie to your friends and you'll get one in return as well. Here is how you do it:

  1. Download Goody
  2. Go to "Freebies" 
  3. Use any share option to invite a friend
  4. Wait until your friend buys a Goody
  5. Open "Freebies" and check "My Freebies"
  6. Click "Use Now" on any freebie you've received from your friend
It is really that easy. It doesn't matter which Goody your friend ordered, where your friend lives at or where his / her Goody is being shipped to. You can claim your own freebie regardless.
Note: Every friend you invite gets you one freebie each. So for 10 friends you'll get 10 freebies.

About Goody

Goody is a unique shopping app where all products cost under US$10 and ship for free worldwide. Each product was hand-picked. The entire catalog of thousands of products was carefully curated to ensure only the highest quality of products make their way into Goody.

Find out more on the Goody Website.

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