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Goody is now available

Everything under US$10 with free global shipping.

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We've just launched our long awaited shopping app Goody on the App Store and on Google Play. You can download it today by simply going to and you'll be automatically sent to the the app store of your choice.

Goodys for under US$10. We promise unbeatable prices for quality products that ship for free globally. Goody is like no other shop. It is unique, global, mobile and beautiful.

Goody ships for free to every corner of the world. No matter where you live at, any product you see on Goody ships for free to your doorstep.

Goody is a global app. No matter which country you are in, when you buy Goodys you get charged in your local currency. So if you're in the USA you get charged in USD, in the Philippines in PHP, in Germany in Euro, and so on.

Goody exclusively sells quality products. Only hand-picked products make it into our catalog. The Goody Quality Team carefully curates the product selection for Goody to ensure high quality at the lowest cost possible.

Freebies. Every Goody customer can get an unlimited number of freebies by inviting their friends to Goody. Each friend who downloads Goody and places his or her first order will get you and him/herself a free Goody a.k.a. Freebie.

What Others Think About Goody

Free shipping the best platform to shop present to the love one. - Mohamad on Google Play

"great deals"

- Reviewer on Google Play

"The greatest shopping app you will ever use. All products on Goody are affordable and good quality. I really love this!"
- Chona on Google Play

Goody Explained

More about Goody

To find out more about Goody visit our website. The best way however, to find our more about Goody, just simply download the app and give it a try. It's entirely free and quick & easy to download Goody and browse our unique catalog of hand-picked products.