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A card payment issue in the Philippines is being investigated

A solution will be available soon

· Goody Status Updates

Yesterday, we have soft-launched Goody to a select two hundred shoppers. While the soft-launch was a great success and a lot of freebies were claimed as a result, some shoppers in the Philippines can not complete their purchase. The bank that issued the credit card declined the purchase charge even though the majority of cards used, were valid cards.

We are currently working on a solution and we'll provide an update to Goody very soon. Please accept our deepest apologies for this inconvenience.

All other systems on Goody run flawlessly. We have seen an incredible number of shoppers downloading Goody and browsing our hand-picked catalog of quality Goodys. With our unbeatable prices and free global shipping, Goody is on track to become the hot shopping app in upcoming 2018.


Your freebies are safe, don't worry. If you have already ordered your freebie, it will be shipped out soon. If you'd like to get more freebies, you can invite a friend and once your friend buys a Goody, you and your friend get a freebie each. Easy, right? In Goody just go to "Freebies" and then follow the instructions at "Get Freebies".


Stay tuned for more Goody updates.